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Hi, my name's Rob Plevin and I'm the author of a brand new book on classroom management called Take Control of the Noisy Class which is being published by Crown House Publishing on Feb 29th. This page is about a special offer I've put together with some education author/trainer friends of mine to celebrate the launch of the book.


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1) The Kindle or e-Book Version For Just £1 / $1

In a few days from now you'll be able to buy the Kindle version of my book, Take Control of the Noisy Class for just £1 (or $1 if buying outside the UK) as part of the special 5-day launch promotion through Amazon.

2) 20 x Additional Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Book

The following downloadable resources complement various strategies mentioned in Take Control of the Noisy Class:

  • Record Card Questionnaire (for encouraging class community & getting to know students)
  • Reflection Sheet (for helping students make better choices)
  • Ready-made Routines (for automating 35 classroom transitions and hot spots)
  • Special Permission Toilet Pass
  • Secret Agent ID Cards (for encouraging participation)
  • Golden Ticket Template (very special spontaneous reward)
  • You're Great Sheet (Peer encouragement tool)
  • Behaviour Millionaire Bank Note (another very special spontaneous reward)
  • The Relationship Challenge (for building relationships with hard-to-reach students)
  • The 'Filter Method' video tutorials (for getting students settled at the start of lessons)
  • Delivering Consequences video tutorials (for issuing consequences with causing resentment or confrontation)
  • Attention Grabbers video tutorial (featuring five of the best ways to gain student attention during a lesson)
  • Letter to parents template (for building the home-school connection and getting parents on your side)
  • Starters, Energisers and Fun Fill-In Activity Pack (For putting 'FUN' In Your Lessons)
  • Classroom Magic Tricks (to amaze your students and get them looking forward to lessons)
3) 23 x SECRET BONUS Resources, Lesson Plans, Articles & Activities

As part of the promotion I have teamed up with 14 well-known expert education authors and trainers who have kindly donated the following SECRET BONUSES. These resources are available ONLY to people like YOU who have been invited to THIS WEBPAGE.

> 12 Ways to Eliminate Monkey Business in the Classroom (article)
> 12 Ways to Teach Kids to Recognize and Label Their Emotions (article)
> How to Efficiently Rearrange the Classroom for Cooperative Learning (article)
> Five Ways to Help Students Deal With Anger (article)
> Study Strategies that motivate students (video)
> Behaviour management desktop cue card (student resource)
> How to help kids with sequential learning (video)
> Study tips for parents
> Are You What Your Wear? (complete lesson plan on self esteem)
> Why Does Kindness Matter (complete lesson plan consisting of 4 great activities on emotional intelligence)
> We Have The Power (Active/group discussion lesson on making positive changes)
> The What If Box (Great activity for getting students to think creatively)
> Template for professional self-reflection (Fantastic tool for improving your skills and making positive changes)
> Behaviour prevention checklist (a unique checklist GUARANTEED to minimise behaviour problems)
> Dirty Teaching (a handy guide to outdoor learning)
> Classroom Time Savers (a collection of ready-made forms, checklists and activities for teachers)
> Top Tips For Transition For Children With ADHD (article)
> Ten Tips For Managing Students With ODD in The Classroom (article)
> 30 Practical Ways to Engage ALL Students In Lessons ( a collection of 30 active methods to get students involved in lessons)
> The 5 Most important Traits Needed For School Success (article)
> Super Teaching Strategies (video)
> Motivating Moments to Help Teachers Make Difference (ebook)
> 40 strategies for reaching and teaching students with ADHD (online collection of very practical strategies)

£1 !!

Who is this for?

Take Control of the Noisy Class, together with the associated resources, has been created to help TEACHERS and EDUCATION SUPPORT WORKERS who are looking for PROVEN, EFFECTIVE, FAST-ACTING ways to manage troublesome student behaviour. It's for anyone working in schools who is TIRED of having to constantly deal with STRESSFUL student behaviour on a daily basis. The strategies are relevant to teachers (and support workers) of all age groups.

What will it do for you?

Packed with novel but practical techniques and ideas, this pack will enable any education professional, regardless of experience, to...

  • Improve your ability to connect and succeed with hard-to-reach, reluctant learners (so that students take part in lessons and achieve better results)
  • Prevent, minimise and manage behaviour problems more effectively (so you can enter the classroom with CONFIDENCE, knowing you have the tools to cope with whatever you face)
  • Create a hugely positive classroom environment (so that you and your students ENJOY the teaching & learning process)

You'll find literally HUNDREDS of activities and interventions to meet students' needs, minimise & manage inappropriate behaviour and create a thoroughly enjoyable classroom climate for all concerned.

Why am I doing this?

There's absolutely no catch with this offer. I'm doing this simply because I want to get my book into the hands of as many teachers and education professionals as possible. Having taught for more than ten years in tough schools I know the pressures teachers and support staff face in today's classrooms and I believe the methods in this book can help you (and your students) have a happier, more productive and less stressful  time.

Having experienced, first-hand, the transformative power of the Needs-Focused techniques in my own teaching career, I now get to enjoy feedback from THOUSANDS of other teachers worldwide who trust these methods.

should be required reading in every university teaching program.

I expected to skim this book but was completely unable to do so. The writing style is incredibly engaging. The stories Rob tells pulls you in to not only understand his thought process, but to create effective analogies so that the reader can completely understand his points.

While I read this book, I wanted to shout from the rooftop, “Yes, yes, yes!” If every classroom teacher used these strategies and techniques in their classroom, they would definitely be able to take control of a noisy class. Take Control of the Noisy Class is a gem of a book that should be required reading in every university teaching program.

  Susan Fitzell
Education Author & Consultant 

I would highly recommend this to any teacher who is looking for a comprehensive guide to classroom management and dealing with troublesome individuals.

Rob offers not your typical blanket rules or formulaic procedures, but sensitive, profound techniques that allow a teacher to respond flexibly. He gets to the heart of the most common behaviour management problems, shining a new light on familiar classroom scenarios in a way that allows the reader to establish a newfound understanding of the young people he or she is working with. This illuminative thread, which runs throughout the book, is perhaps its most remarkable and valuable feature – after all, a teacher can easily be given a set of strategies, but without the compassion, empathy and insight to use them wisely, they are ineffective.

I would highly recommend this to any teacher who is looking for a comprehensive guide to classroom management and dealing with troublesome individuals.

     Isabella Wallace
     Education Author & Consultant

should be on every teacher’s desk.

Written in a lively, engaging style, Take Control of the Noisy Class offers useful student-friendly techniques for maintaining a safe, positive, and orderly classroom where student achievement is the order of the day. The techniques Rob Plevin offers are practical, based on solid classroom research, and easy for any teacher to implement. This valuable resource contains so much practical information about classroom management that it should be on every teacher’s desk.

Julia Thompson
Education Author & Consultant

it's brilliant, practical and works right away.

How I wish I'd had these strategies when I first began to teach. One that I especially LOVE builds on "leadership" roles with the students who are typically the loudest and trains them how to immediately quiet the class. As with every strategy in this crucially important book, it's brilliant, practical and works right away. Rob, you've done a remarkable service for teachers and students alike. The 'quiet' in the classroom transforms student behavior as well as the learning process. Thank you!

 Pat Wyman

His suggestions just hit you hard and leave you wondering why we ourselves could not think of them

I have been following Rob’s strategies and methodology since a very long time now and have been applying his tactics in my class as well as sharing the same with teachers as a part of my teacher training program. His suggestions just hit you hard and leave you wondering why we ourselves could not think of them thought they were right there in the class all the time staring at our face. They are very simple and yet very, very insightful and effective. We are following you to the end of the world. Best of luck in your new venture.

        Blog comment           

There are lots of books on the market giving advice. Rob Plevin's is one of the best.

There are lots of books on the market giving advice. Rob Plevin's is one of the best. In a clear, reassuring, no-nonsense tone, he shows how our attitudes and expectations as teachers translate into a simple set of routines that can make all the difference. His guidance is easy to implement, unpatronising and hugely optimistic - because once behaviour expectations are clearly bedded-in, we can get to the heart of our role - teaching our students. Take Control of the Noisy Class helps us to do just what the title promises. I strongly recommend it.

 Geoff Barton
            Head Teacher           

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