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25 ways to get silence from noisy students

Hi there! A few years ago I put together a short e-guide titled '25 ways to Get Silence From Noisy Students'. It has been downloaded THOUSANDS of times by teachers all over the world. You can GET YOUR


Seven Ways to Get Students to Follow Your Instructions

  i) Make sure you have their full attention before giving instructions Make sure they are looking at you and not fiddling with a pencil, turning around, looking at a book, etc. One quite ingenious


25 classroom management strategies to get silence from a noisy group of students

If you struggle to get your students’ attention during lessons I’ve put together a nifty collection of ideas which may help. This sample of classroom management strategies has been taken from the


Classroom Management Strategies to Get Support From Unsupportive Parents

Before trying to find solutions to any problem it’s a good idea to look at the reasons why the problem is occurring; knowing why a problem is happening gives clues as to how to address it. Today we’re