The Classroom Management Success Kit

I have put together a comprehensive pack of resources designed to help you achieve classroom control, student respect and maximum success in the shortest possible time. Here are the details…

Here’s what you get:

- LISTEN TO ME! 55 Ways to Get Silence from Noisy Groups of Students Without Shouting e-Guide
- Improve Classroom Behaviour in a Week e-Guide
- How to Apply Consequences (without causing resentment and confrontation) e-guide
- Needs Focused InterventionsProactive Responses for the Most Common Classroom Behaviour Problems e-Guide
- 8 Ways to Create a Positive Classroom e-Guide

Here’s what it can give you in your NEXT LESSON:

  • A RELIABLE way to deal with time-wasting INTERRUPTIONS from noisy, disruptive students.
  • Total silence and 100% STUDENT ATTENTION whenever you need it.
  • RESPECT from tough, hard-to-reach students and groups.
  • A positive, enjoyable classroom environment
  • FREEDOM from the continual stress of time-consuming behaviour issues

To get immediate access to these guides please click the link below:

£27 Only £4

Very Best Wishes,​

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