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Zen Productivity for Teachers
The Unique Productivity & Time Management Plan That Helps Teachers Go from 'Overwhelmed & Under Constant Pressure'  to 'Hyper-Efficient, Focused & Organised' in  One 90-minute Session

​Gain 5-10 hours of FREE TIME per week while achieving more than ever before!

​How can you learn everything you need to know about time management and productivity in just 90 minutes? Well, the truth is, there is actually not a lot to this system; it's incredibly simple. But Oh so effective!

In honesty I could​ run training on this topic for a whole day and give you all kinds of strategies, tools, plans, schedules and methods to follow. But what's the point in that? You might start off all eager and full of motivation but within a few days you'd be back to your old habits because I'll have simply added to your overwhelm. That's a waste of time and money.

You're already short on time so why would I burden you with a load of material you'll probably never even use? I've been training & teaching people on various topics for almost 30 years and if there's one thing I've learned ​in that time it's this:

​Training needs to be SIMPLE and EASY to implement if people are going to actually use it and benefit from it.

And that's why I have made this training as short and impactful as possible. One short session in which you can learn an incredibly simple but tremendously powerful method that can totally change your life.

Just imagine having a tool you can use for the rest of your career to shave HOURS of work time off every week.

That would mean MORE FREE TIME & LESS STRESS for you EVERY DAY from here on in!

Well, that's exactly what I'm promising with this instantly-available mini-workshop.

​​Introducing The SIMPLEST (and most effective) Time Management & Productivity System for Teachers

This is what you’ll learn during this program:

  1. Why you MUST learn how to manage your time better and learn to improve your focus and productivity if you are to reclaim your life in today's frantic, non-stop world of information-overload and busy-ness. This workshop is designed to give you practical techniques to save you from frustration, stress, overwhelm and possible burnout.
  2. ​The secret to starting your workday feeling REFRESHED and CLEAR-HEADED and finishing work in a relaxed, stress-free state knowing that you accomplished EVERYTHING you set out to do​.
  3. ​The novel planning method you can use to cope with your massive workload MUCH more easily. Whether it is marking books, attending meetings, planning lessons or ALL of the above, you'll learn how to deal effortlessly with the tasks in front of you and organise them without having them pile up and without having to continually push them to the bottom of your 'to-do' list.
  4. ​A simple 'switch' you can activate at the start of any task which will enable you to remain focused right through until it is completed. This one technique makes ALL the difference in terms of being able to avoid distractions and breeze through tasks in an enjoyable manner one after another. You will be SHOCKED at how powerful this really is and possibly even ANNOYED at the time you have wasted in the past as a result of not knowing about this. This is the secret to eliminating procrastination from your life forever!
  5. ​Two changes you can make to the traditional 'To Do' list to become SUPER ORGANISED RIGHT NOW and ensure that your list is completed each day. As someone who has struggled with ADHD most of my life, I know the sheer value of this and the utter frsutration of drifting from one task to another only to end the day with barely anything completed. These two pittifully simple tips are absolutely life-changing for anyone who struggles with organisation, procrastination and distraction and always ends up 'carrying over' tasks to the next day.
  6. ​A productivity/planning 'hack' from the business world you can use to cut HOURS off your working week. As teachers we tend to miss out on the incredibly effective tools used in the business world. With this new easy-to-apply habit you really can start to take control of your working life.
  7. ​Tools and methods you can share with your slow-working students to help them organise themselves better and plan their time more efficently.

What Will This Training Do For You?

Teachers LOVE our training programs and packages because we focus on rapid transformation. Our resources aren't filled with theory, jargon and waffle. We see no point. What you want is a quick solution for your teaching problems so that you can become a highly skilled classroom practitioner in the shortest possible time.

And that's exactly what you get with this focused professional development workshop – a training session that is tightly targeted at helping you save your most valuable resource - TIME.

You will be given nothing but USABLE, ACTIONABLE strategies and tools for ​improving your focus ans saving yourself time. In just ​90 minutes you'll learn ​methods you can use for the rest of your career (and life) to great effect.

You will end this course with ​a set of simple tools to dramatically improve your productivity and reduce time pressure.

​Why online training is the best, most convenient way to learn:

In terms of time, convenience & value for money there can be no better way to learn than a workshop which you can attend live from the comfort of your own home and re-watch whenever you want. By attending live you get all the benefit of a live workshop – being able to ask questions etc. - without the time issues and travel hassles. And by having recordings at your disposal you can watch and re-watch the material whenever and wherever you want. You can access the material at your convenience - listen to the audio in your car or on the move, or watch the video presentation on your favourite device.

Online training provides the means to improve your classroom skills and get your most pressing problems solved in the fastest possible way at a price any teacher can afford (without needing school approval for payment).​

How to access this program immediately:

The fee for this online training is normally £67  but if you act fast you can take advantage of the discounted rate of £27.

Simply click the green button below and you'll be able to access the materials immediately.

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