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After all, teaching is a LOT less stressful when your students are positively involved in your lessons!

Here’s What You Get…

Attention Grabbing Starters and Plenaries – Value £29.99

A bumper collection of our best-ever, fabulously engaging starter and plenary activities. It contains a wealth of creative, fun ideas to grab your students’ attention from the second the bell goes together with amusing end-of-lesson review activities to help them easily remember lesson content in the most student-friendly ways. In short ,this pack will give you everything you need to start your lessons with a BANG and end them on a HIGH!

This pack will truly give you the “why” and the “how” of using fun activities to create the right mood in the classroom and engage your students in the learning process!

Putting Fun In Lessons – Value £29.99

One of the best ways to reach kids is through humour, joy and laughter. Everyone responds to fun and students learn better in a positive, light-hearted environment. Putting Fun In Lessons is a unique collection of games, strategies and activities to liven up lessons, bring humour to the classroom and transform negative student attitudes to learning. The games and activities are adaptable to virtually any lesson topic and will enable you to quickly change the tone of your lessons and be the kind of teacher students LOVE.

Cooperative & Active Learning In Lessons – Value £29.99

The benefits of cooperative and active learning are many; from promoting and teaching appropriate social skills , managing conflict, and improving self esteem through to increased motivation levels, eager participation, deeper understanding and higher student achievement. As an approach to teaching and learning it takes some beating and is widely regarded as one of the greatest educational innovations for the modern classroom.

Putting Cooperative & Active Learning In Lessons, provides teachers with everything they need to bring the power of cooperative learning and kinesthetic, hands-on activity to every lesson.

Team Maker– Value £34.99

In the Needs Focused™ approach we explain the huge benefits to be had by splitting your class into Cooperative Learning Teams and how diverse grouping (mixed ability/mixed gender) is the very best group formation you can use because it encourages and facilitates peer tutoring while reducing problems associated with troublesome students sitting together.

However, creating diverse groups can be tedious and time-consuming because you have to ‘juggle’ so many variables. Little wonder that most teachers opt for random grouping methods in busy classrooms to save time, only to find that students in random groups often either mess around or cause trouble. Team Maker takes the frustration out of selecting teams and automatically groups your students according to the best match.

Every One Wins Bingo – Value £29.99

We used this activity as a sensational, hilarious review activity on our live courses for a long time before making it available for the public to buy. It provides an adaptable template for reviewing or introducing ANY subject in a lively, totally engaging manner and is perfect for re-focusing a lethargic or challenging group, setting the tone and switching on disinterested learners or making a close to the lesson they will never forget.

Here’s What The Engagement Bundle Will Do For You…

1. You’ll find it easier to manage behaviour:

Teachers and lecturers who manage to ENGAGE students in lessons DON’T STRUGGLE TO MANAGE BEHAVIOUR. It’s obvious and yet so often forgotten – if your students are ENJOYING the learning process, getting sufficient (and appropriate) attention and support they will be far more settled, far more positive and far more responsive. Sounds overly simple but it’s totally true. When you manage to get your students involved and participating in lessons they will be far, far easier to manage.

2. You’ll have more time:

One of the by-products of successful cooperative work is that students receive appropriate attention and support from their fellow group members. This means you are free to give support where it is truly needed rather than having to respond to constant demands throughout the lesson.

3. You’re reputation will spread:

Students talk. As your lessons become more enjoyable you will find your reputation spreading throughout the student population and this will result in students actually looking forward to your lessons rather than dreading them. How much easier is it to teach positive, eager, happy learners???

4. You’ll enjoy your job!

No need to explain this.

£97 Now ONLY £27

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