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Video is a fast, powerful way to learn for most people and in these videos I explain EVERYTHING about the Needs-Focused Approach to teaching and classroom management so that you can learn the methods in the shortest possible time.

Teachers who have watched and learned from these videos report the following benefits:

  • Improved ability to connect with hard-to-reach students (and their parents)
  • Increased confidence when dealing with boisterous, out-of-control groups of students
  • Greater understanding of the Needs-Focused principles and techniques
  • Better able to help challenging students learn and reach their potential
  • Faster career progression - many viewers tell me they have earned promotions and secured better positions because of their new-found superior teaching & classroom management skills  
  • Job satisfaction and enjoyment - wouldn't it be nice to actually ENJOY teaching again, knowing that you have the skills to deal with ANY group of students?
Sumner price, Secondary School Teacher

““Great easy-to-listen-to video tips that will be terrific for those teachers who are frustrated. I’m forwarding this email on to the principals in my district right away!””

Tish Wodetzki, Primary School Teacher

“Excellent ideas; it’s always amazing to me how you deliver such awesome, effective ideas in such a short time. The greatness of it is that in a quick snippet of time, I can gain a new technique or procedure that helps bring order to my classroom!”

Jasna P, Secondary School Teacher

“Finally something concrete and applicable in real life – I’ve had enough of the people who have never set their foot in a real classroom but know how everything should be done in theory. Thanks a million. As a fresh teacher, I find this invaluable.”

Here’s what you get when you order the Needs-Focused Video Tutorial Pack:

This video pack contains the footage from the original Needs-Focused Classroom Management course which was produced and marketed by my old company Behaviour Needs. The pack consists of 30 Needs-Focused video tutorials in total plus a further 3 bonus videos from other training.

The program contains:

* 8 core modules packed with 30 no-fluff video tutorials (DIGITAL FORMAT)

* 3 bonus videos featuring additional strategies (DIGITAL FORMAT)

* An unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

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Plus the following TWO bonuses:

* The ORIGINAL Take Control of the Noisy Class Live Webinar Recordings

* ‘Strategies for Reaching & Teaching Non-Cooperative Kids’ Webinar Recording

The Needs-Focused 30-day Guarantee

I am making the following bold promise for your absolute peace of mind:

You will find EVERY lesson & EVERY technique in these videos both useful and totally practical.

Upon using the Needs-Focused Methods you’ll notice a distinct and IMMEDIATE improvement in your ability to prevent and manage student misbehaviour and in the way students respond to you. (So don’t be surprised if your colleagues & superiors start making positive comments about your much-improved classroom management skills).

If for any reason the Needs-Focused Video Pack doesn’t live up to any of these statements, or if you’re dissatisfied in ANY way whatsoever (even if you don’t like my shirt or can’t stand my voice) just open a support ticket at my helpdesk ( within 30 days of purchase, and I’ll give you a full, no-questions-asked refund.

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