Needs Focused Teaching

Amphetamine Fairies, Videos and the Noisy Class


In case you didn't know, there is a small collection of free videos on my site now which are based on the Needs Focused System I wrote about in Take Control of the Noisy Class.

These are the 6 videos you can watch right now:

  • Filter Method part 1 (in which you can learn how to get students in the classroom without a fight)
  • Filter Method Part 2 (in which you'll learn how to settle students using two simple techniques)
  • Filter Method Part 3 (in which you'll learn about the 'Secret Student' method for gaining buy-in at the start of a lesson)
  • Attention Grabbers (in which you'll learn 5 ways to get attention whenever you need students to LISTEN)
  • Power of Consequences (in which you'll learn how consequences can bring an INSTANT end to inappropriate behaviour)
  • How to Deliver Consequences (in which you'll learn a stepped method for delivering consequences)

You can watch them HERE right now. 

I hope you enjoy them and get use from them. Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

Note for Behaviour Needs Stalwarts & previous customers... This video pack is essentially a rebranded version of the original Needs Focused Classroom Management course which was marketed in the past as 'Behaviour-ology' and 'Confident Classroom management'. There are a few additional videos in this collection (which I found lurking on my Hard Drive), so if you have bought one of these products in the past and decide you want a refund after buying this 'new' collection, please let me know through the helpdesk.

And the Amphetamine Fairies? Well, I  needed an excuse for taking hours and hours to type this blog post - it was supposed to be finished by 10am. Today's excuse is the gang of Amphetamine Fairies that visit my two year old daughter at 5.30am every morning. They came even earlier last night!!