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BOOOSH! We’re at #1 on Amazon already!

I posted a message yesterday telling you that the latest edition of Take Control of the Noisy Class has been released this morning through Crown House Publishing.

Amazingly, it has ALREADY reached #1 in the ‘teaching’ category on based on sales this morning.

Granted, the ‘teaching’ category is very small and there is a loooong way to go to get to the top of the ‘Education’ section which is where I’d like it to be by the end of the week.

But it’s a great start and has no doubt been helped by two things:

1. The price – for the next 5 days it’s available for just £1 or $1 on Kindle


Every copy includes a HUGE collection of bonus digital resources created by some of my amazing education author/trainer friends. Here’s the link which explains everything:

So… can I count on you for a review & to help me get to the top of the ‘education’ section?

If you like the book (and the price ;-), AND all the bonus resources, here are THREE ways you could help me make this book a best-seller on the ‘education’ list on Amazon…

1. Leave a review – I need as many reviews as I can get (preferably 5* 🙂

2. Give it a mention on any teaching BLOGS or FORUMS The big forms are are,, and 3. Let your colleagues and friends know about it through Twitter, Facebook & even word-of-mouth (do people still do that?)

I understand if you haven’t time to help but please take five minutes to get the book and the bonuses – I’m sure you’ll love the package.