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Building Relationships and classroom community


We all know that building relationships with students is a powerful (and essential) preventive strategy. We all know it’s important but actually doing it is another thing. How do we build relationships? What specific steps can we put in place? In a few weeks I’ll be running a live webinar on this very topic but for now here’s a simple tip…

The more you let them into your life, the more they will let you into theirs.

Regular circle time activities, for example, are a great way to build relationships and class community by sharing personal information, thoughts and feelings.

You can use them anytime through the day:

- To solve behaviour issues (problems outside school, problems on the playground etc.)
- To discuss ideas (class projects, field trips etc)
- For fun (quizzes, telling jokes, team-building activities etc.)
- To start the day (check in and ask how their evening was etc.)
- To debrief the day (share something good that happened today, something they’re proud of etc.)
- To share information (favourite films, hobbies, photographs etc.)

I’ll leave you with the final idea there – sharing information and photographs. I’ve put a photo on the blog taken at our band rehearsal last week. If you are interested, and happen to be close by, we will be playing Ireby Festival this year on 27th May (along with none other than Elkie Brooks!). Fame at last. 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend,

Rob Plevin

Susan says 20th March 2011

Congratulations to the winners!

Ann Jones says 20th March 2011

Thankyou – great comp – even better to win – thank you so much!!

Fathima says 20th March 2011

Oh no… Rob, I wish I had the right answer for your Q.

Gwen says 20th March 2011

I enjoyed the challenge.

Jishe says 20th March 2011

Oh no !!!!!!:-(
i missed it.

Judit says 17th March 2011


Thank you for the special offer! It was challenging and fun to investigate the matter 😀 Creative idea.

Thank You,

Rob Plevin says 16th March 2011

Ok folks…Time’s Up…

Sorry, got to pull the plug, competition cloed. You know what, I put this up just for a laugh and didn’t think anyone would bother – I’m so pleased people had a bit of fun. Maybe we need more competitions and opportunities to intereact on here….

Anyway….drum roll please (:-))… the winner is…

Anyone who answered GRETSCH!!!

It is indeed a GRETSCH kit I’m playing (and very nice it is too) so congratulations to the following people…

Ann Jones
Jo (well spotted Jo!!!)
Kathy McDonald

…If you’re on the list could you please send an email to ‘’ or via the helpdesk (better) to claim your free copy of the cooperative activity pack. (If you are registered on the blog you should get it automatically but best to be on the safe side).

To the rest of you I just want to say ‘thank you’ for taking part – I’m sorry you didn’t get the name right but I’m really touched you joined in the fun. 🙂

That’s me over and out for a few days. Have finished running the training over here in Dubai so time for a few days rest before heading home.

All the best,


Jenn Hillier says 16th March 2011

Well then. All I have left to guess is Sonor or DW, but if it was Sonor, you would have to be able to see at least a little of the name on the front. So I guess I am going with DW, especially because of the the outer rim is a different colour, which they seem to do sometimes. 🙂

Ahem. I want that activity pack. LOL.

Judit says 16th March 2011

Gretsch, I guess.

Stuart Mack says 16th March 2011

If they’re not Yamaha, I’ll guess Remo.

Tennille says 16th March 2011

I think a snare drum, mapex,I think?

Kate says 16th March 2011

I think it is a Mapex drum kit as well 🙂

Elaine says 16th March 2011

is it a Mapex ??

Alison Davidson says 16th March 2011

I think it is a DW

Cho says 16th March 2011

It is Yahama drum.

Janice says 16th March 2011


Janet says 16th March 2011

I’ll try…DW.

david ludwig says 16th March 2011

As my name is Ludwig i will say the drums are Ludwig especially as they look a little older.


Annette says 16th March 2011

HI Rob,
It’s a DW, I’m sure! How great it is that you make the time for rehearsing with a band… we should all do that; it’s great for teacher wellbeing. Good on you!

Kathy McDonald says 16th March 2011

I think they are Gretsch. 🙂

Dr. Judy says 16th March 2011

Pearl drums

Robert Johnson says 16th March 2011


Susan says 16th March 2011

I think it is a Richmo drum kit.

Antoinette says 16th March 2011

Joining in the guessing fun. Is it a CB drum set?

Sara says 16th March 2011

Performance Percussion?

Shana says 16th March 2011

You look like you are having fun! Peavey?

Andrea says 15th March 2011

I think it might be the Dixon Drum set…boy there sure are a TON of drum set brands out there!

Linda says 15th March 2011

My best guess is Stagg.

    Linda says 15th March 2011

    Actually, I was comparing the leg stands and I think the Gretsch set matches better. So Gretsch is my final answer. : )

James Underhill says 15th March 2011

Are they Pearl Forums?

Maria says 15th March 2011

I think it’s a Gretsch Catalina Club set of drums. 🙂

Jo says 15th March 2011

I think it’s Gretsch – you can just see the white spike of the symbol sticking out from the behind the gutarist’s knee!

Denise Dalberry says 15th March 2011

I’m guessing PEARL

Jesse Quintero says 15th March 2011

My guess is they are Slingerland.

Maria Jose Morales says 15th March 2011

It’s rockpag

maryam says 15th March 2011

I think it is a GRETSCH drum set

Krystal says 15th March 2011

Percussion Plus? Shot in the dark here…

Kym says 15th March 2011

“Not easy” – is this a trick question or even a brand:) It is fun just to have a guess …

Ann Jones says 15th March 2011

Well I can only think of Gretsch, DW or Remo but what do I know? I’ll have to ask the kids – they both drum!!

Dianne says 15th March 2011

My guess is a GRETSCH drum set.

Chris Cuadra says 15th March 2011

Hi Rob, It’s either Sonor or DW. I like the band’s serious aura, having fun while getting the groove right. Best, Chris

Rob says 15th March 2011

You people are fantastic – thanks for taking the time to join in! All good – we obviously have some drummers on the list 🙂 – but I’m afraid nobody has got it yet. It’s a case of a total guess as there is virtually no way of getting it from the pic but it’s none of those mentioned – It’s not Yamaha, Tama (I do love Tama drums though), Premier, Pearl, Rock Star, Mapek, PP, Ludwig and not even Pork Pie (?) so that just leaves…

I’ll be back on tomorrow night from my hotel here in Dubai and will reveal the make. Anyone who gets it right gets a free copy of the Cooperative/active Learning pack..

See you soon,


If you are reading this having just completed the two-day behaviour workshop here in Dubai thank you so much for making it a brilliant couple of days – you were all terrific!!

    Kerstin Karlsson says 15th March 2011


Anthony Rose says 15th March 2011

I think it is a Tama drum kit.

Bob says 15th March 2011

Pearl or more likely Tama kit

natalia says 15th March 2011

It is TAMA or Savior

Jishe says 15th March 2011

My friend who is a drummer thinks it’s TAMA. What I know is i want the e-book. 🙂 ha ha!

d says 15th March 2011

hello ! my guess would be odery. if not, love what your doing ! 😀

Roberta T says 15th March 2011

Black Swamp

Debbie D says 15th March 2011

Hi, Is it a “Pulse” drum kit?

Sam says 15th March 2011


Norman Rudd says 15th March 2011

Hey ringo they look like Ludwig Drums

Oystein says 15th March 2011

My guess is Pearl drums.

Kudzie says 15th March 2011

They are Rockstar or Line drums.

Russ Mullins says 15th March 2011

I believe they may be Tama drums.

Jenn Hillier says 15th March 2011

I am guessing Pearl, though it looks like a Mapex drum set I have seen. I think Pearl though. Looks more like it.

Neenie says 15th March 2011

GMS Drums

Deborah says 15th March 2011

Is it a mapex kit?

allison says 15th March 2011

I think they are pork pie drums

Laura says 15th March 2011

pearl drums??

Stuart Mack says 15th March 2011

I think they are Yamaha!

Andy says 15th March 2011

I thought Pearl to start with but more of the Pe should be visible so I think it is a Performance Percussion set.

Farida Dawood says 15th March 2011

The drums could be Pearl, Yamaha or Premium?

Ernestina Barnes says 15th March 2011

It is Premier drums

Gwen says 15th March 2011

Tama drums

Julie says 15th March 2011

Is the drum set a Pearl?

Dave says 12th March 2011

Elkie Brooks for me is the best female singer the U.K. has EVER produced. I am in the U.S. If I where there is would come to the gig. Love Elkie’s voice.

    Rita says 16th March 2011

    Look like Ludwig to me.

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