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The Top 6 Classroom Management Strategies For Dealing With Low-Level Disruption

Having an effective strategy for dealing with low-level disruptions is KEY to successful Classroom Management for any teacher. This sort of disruption can be like water torture to the teacher, that incessant


Your Classroom Management Plan

I've just uploaded a new video to Youtube on putting a classroom management plan together.Having a classroom management plan in place is fundamental to developing calm confidence in the classroom and I've


Three MORE Ways to Make Praise More Effective

Way back in August 2017, we published a blog post titled ‘Three Ways to Make Praise More Effective’…  Three Ways to Make Praise More Effective   We received a lot of POSITIVE comments


Dealing with students who won’t complete homework

Getting students to complete homework is a typical problem for teachers – especially with students who lack motivation. If they’re not working in class where we can stand over them, they certainly


Dealing with students who don’t bring equipment to class

This is one of those seemingly unimportant management issues which is often swept under the carpet by a teacher who is frantically trying to concentrate efforts on more serious issues. In a lively class,


Three Ways to Make Praise More Effective

Here are some ways of improving praise so that it creates the kind of positive changes you want to see in your challenging students… Effective Praise Enhancer # 1: Make it SPECIFIC. Let’s make a concerted