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Your Classroom Management Plan

I've just uploaded a new video to Youtube on putting a classroom management plan together.Having a classroom management plan in place is fundamental to developing calm confidence in the classroom and I've


Amphetamine Fairies, Videos and the Noisy Class

In case you didn't know, there is a small collection of free videos on my site now which are based on the Needs Focused System I wrote about in Take Control of the Noisy Class.These are the 6 videos


Effective use of consequences as a behaviour management strategy

If you liked this video and would like to know how to apply consequences in a stepped, logical way which students RESPECT... be sure to try the complete suite of Needs Focused Classroom Management


Classroom Management Strategies To Get Students Back On Task

My teacher used to chuck a board rubber at me when he caught me talking or messing around in the classroom. You’d get in serious trouble if you did that now so teachers have to have other (better) classroom


A bit of preaching and a behaviour management freebie to get your class quiet

I know, I know, you’ve  heard this one before; I harp on about it often enough. But for the benefit of new visitors and seeing as though winter will soon be bringing those dark gloomy days in the