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10 Quick Ways to Bring Humour to Your Classroom

Want some ideas for bringing humour into your classroom? Then look no further as we’ve 10 ideas for you right here!… 1. Tell your students to do the ‘Dying  z’ whenever a question is too


5 Techniques for Learning Student Names Quickly!

Want a way to connect with your students? Then what better way than learning the names of your new students as quickly as possible. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve just that… 1. Name Chain Ask


Dealing with students who won’t complete homework

Getting students to complete homework is a typical problem for teachers – especially with students who lack motivation. If they’re not working in class where we can stand over them, they certainly


Dealing with students who have no interest in the lesson

A student who has no interest in lessons and anything you say and do, can have a terrible impact on the rest of the class. What you must remember however is that this student probably wants to succeed


Dealing with students who don’t bring equipment to class

This is one of those seemingly unimportant management issues which is often swept under the carpet by a teacher who is frantically trying to concentrate efforts on more serious issues. In a lively class,


Consolidate learning with mini-reviews

Mini Reviews are a fantastic way to consolidate or reinforce any piece of learning in a fun, active way. I have used these successfully with all ages –  young children in school right through to


The power of relationships

I came across this on facebook. A truly brilliant short talk on the importance of relationships between teachers and students. It is ALL about connection.  


Stepping Stones to Positive Relationships (Part1)

Hi,​Welcome to this series of tips and strategies for building and maintaining relationships with your students.​Positive student-teacher relationships are, without doubt, one of the most effective

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