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3 ways to start conversations with students when they would rather not talk to you.

    It’s important to find out about your students’ interests so that you can build strong and meaningful relationships, but what happens if they don’t even want to talk to you? As well


Classroom management for 99c or 99p

Howdy folks,Take Control of the Noisy Class (my best-selling classroom management book has now been re-launched and I'm letting it go for 5 days at JUST 0.99p or 0.99C (depending where you are in the world).


Which cover for my book?

​I have recently secured the rights back to one of my best-selling books from my publishers. It was a huge financial investment - one which will mean my daughter has to go without Christmas presents


28 Time-Saving Tips for Teachers

Create a block of time during free periods and other non-teaching time to handle paperwork. Schedule this in your planner and stick to it. Chatting with colleagues is an effective way to let off steam


Zen Productivity for Teachers

Zen Productivity & Time Management for Teachers – it’s a game changer. I came up with this recently by accident. I’ve been tidying up one of our rental properties at present with


This ONE WORD Guarantees INSTANT Student Engagement

Would you like to know about a teaching strategy you can use at the start of ANY lesson to gain instant engagement and participation from all your students? I can sum this strategy up in just ONE WORD.

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