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Mindfulness and meditation for stressed teachers



Those of you who have been on my list for any length of time will know my business has had something of a rocky road over the last five years or so. It all started when my poor mother developed Alzheimer’s;  I had to shut down the business to care for her and keep her from being put in a home.  Around that time, my partner Sally and I were almost killed in our sleep. The Post Traumatic Stress from that incident went on for several years and was almost too much to bear at times and I am not embarrassed to admit that I felt suicidal on more than one occasion.

The reason I’m telling you all this is not to gain sympathy. Far from it – it’s to tell you about the method I have used to cope during what have easily been the most traumatic and testing 5 years of my life, and to tell you that I will soon be offering training in this marvelous, life-changing tool to help teachers cope with the stress of working in today’s tough classrooms. I have never felt more passionate about anything in my life purely because I have never known anything have such a positive impact on me. This can quite literally change your life – as it has mine.

I first discovered meditation more than 15 years ago and recently my partner Sally and I undertook a teacher training course in Zen meditation and mindfulness. Very soon our training will be complete and I will be offering training in schools, to private clients and online, using live tutorials and Q and A sessions.

There is currently a LOT of talk about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and I noticed today that it is already being used in schools to great effect:

This is all very good; I am so pleased to see this happening because I know the benefits will be far-reaching for students but the purpose of my email today is to gauge interest in my forthcoming online course for TEACHERS and other education professionals….

Meditation & Mindfulness for Teachers & Education Professionals

Who is the course suitable for?

I am aiming this course specifically at teachers and education professionals because I know full-well of the extreme stress and strain that teachers are under in today’s classrooms. The course will be of great benefit if you…

  • Are short of time and often find yourself rushing to meet deadlines
  • Have difficulty sleeping
  • Find it hard to concentrate on tasks
  • Feel as though there is something ‘missing’ from your life
  • Over react or lose your temper in stressful situations
  • Feel that stress is affecting your health
  • Feel that workload is getting on top of you


The course will run online as a distance learning course for 8 weeks. You will be sent a CD and course materials plus there will be a live online Q and A element to the course to provide support and assistance along the way. You will learn several techniques for bringing mindfulness and present moment awareness into your everyday life together with FOUR different meditation techniques. The meditations can each be performed while walking, standing, lying or sitting. As little as half an hour a day using these techniques can bring about profound changes and you’ll be able to use the techniques for the rest of your life.

Benefits include:

While I have to be careful for legal reasons of citing benefits, these are the improvements I’ve noticed in my own life since using these techniques:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Increased focus and clarity of thought
  • Decreased emotional reactivity
  • Ability to ‘rise above’ life’s turmoil and remain calm and centered even in the most stressful situations
  • A deep connection with your sense of self
  • Increase in general happiness

If you are interested in learning the techniques which have quite literally saved my sanity please leave your name and email in the box below and I will contact you shortly with details about the program. If you have any questions just leave them in the comment box below

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Mrs Singh says 15th December 2013

Rob, throughout the years you have always presented teachers with practical and much needed advice. I’m sure this latest endeavor will benefit many, myself included! Looking forward to these stress relieving techniques. I work with students who have emotional disturbances- maybe you can include some developmentally appropriate variations which can be used with students in the classroom.

Alison Stangroom says 13th December 2013

Thanks Rob
I work in a Jesuit school where reflection and the idea of meditation are meant to be followed; we are introducing a reflection time at the end of each day. Its a good idea!
I won’t be signing up but love all your ideas and pass them on to others.

CherylU says 12th December 2013

I’ve been meditating for years and yes it has really helped me with the stresses of teaching.I do believe it is a useful tool not only in stressful professions but in everyday life as it does help us to ‘see’ clearly and approach problems in a calm methodical way. The course would be a wonderful contribution to our colleagues all over the world. Well done!! and continue the good work. CherylU Perth Australia

StuB says 12th December 2013

I think this is a fantastic idea – last year the school counsellor ran an 8x2hr session-based workshop on mindfulness and mediation, and it is certainly taking off in schools – we have articles printed out at school of the army taking it up too! My new school (since Sept) St James Senior Boys School has an eastern twist to its philosophy and we have two periods of 10mins ‘quiet time’ a day, and there are ‘pauses’ or instances of ‘coming to rest’ at the beginning and end of each lesson and most staff meetings, followed by a Sanskrit dedication, dedicating all that we do to a higher purpose (whether a religious being or not). I am excited at the prospect of furthering the cause (as it were), and promoting (and reaping) the benefits meditation and mindfulness can afford the individual, and therefore the collective. Can’t wait for you to get started! 🙂

Shasuzk says 14th March 2013

Hi Rob,  same ‘problem’ as Liz geographically, so thanks for your reply to her – it made up my mind as whether to sign up or not.  I ‘only’ work part-time, but am finding things equally (feels like more!) stressful.  Now to make that conscious decision to help myself out and hopefully prove beneficial to my family and my classes in the long term.

Liz Anderson says 7th March 2013

As I am in Australia, I am wondering if the online workshops will clash timewise?  If they do, will you be providing a synopsis to self-learn?  I think that it is a great idea and I have just started to use meditation so I would love to hear more tying this in with education as I am a teacher of some very difficult students.

    bnRobP says 7th March 2013

     Hi Liz, yes all tutorials will be recorded. Try to make the Q and A sessions though as these will be invaluable if you have any queries. The initial course will be solely for adults, not students, although I am also working on a mindfulness and meditation program that can be used with students. This will come later. Thanks for your interest. X

bnRobP says 6th March 2013

Please leave your comments below

    Freda says 12th December 2013

    I could really use having the “Ability to ‘rise above’ life’s turmoil and remain calm and centered even in the most stressful situations” right now! Look forward to it.

Alison Mcullough says 5th March 2013

You are amazing!!!

    Rob says 5th March 2013

    I’m really not – I’ve just had a lot of opportunities to better myself together with some wonderful teachers. But thanks. X

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