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Making Praise More Effective Part 1 – Mistakes Made When Using Praise


If you want to use praise to reach your most troubled and troublesome students you need to be aware of a few factors which can make it less effective as a classroom management strategy and as a way of connecting with students.

In this teacher training video you’ll discover why the usual way of using bland positive comments in the classroom to create a positive atmosphere isn’t the best way to truly connect with young people and encourage positive behaviour. You’ll also understand why your efforts to use praise in the past as a classroom management tool may have failed.  If you have students who are not responding to praise this video explains why. It’s surprising how many teacher forget these factors … and then wonder why praise doesn’t work in the classroom.

If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more please leave a comment below. In our next video (part 2) we’ll go through some ways you can make praise more effective…

Behaviour_Needs says 5th April 2014

I think you missed something Robert. I did explain that part 1 was to go through some of the mistakes people make and some of the things to be aware of – as the first way we can make praise more effective. The second part will give actual strategies you can use to connect with students. I hope to upload that on Tuesday

Gaylene Cramer says 5th April 2014

more please

Jane Krancher says 4th April 2014

Next video please.

Marlene Turnbull-Mahoney says 4th April 2014

Interesting point about students not wanting praise in front of their peers. I'm ready for the next video. MM

Caryl Dimery says 3rd April 2014

Right on Rob! You sure know kids!!

Rob Plevin says 3rd April 2014

what she said 🙂

Brenda Williams says 3rd April 2014

People the right way is to hit at the heart to use praise that tells Jonny exactly what you have noticex…tell himm what you have seen you've noticed the effort that he has made even tell him from the heart how this made you feel….that is part 2….

Susan Huston says 3rd April 2014

Great insights into how praise isn't always a positive for students. Looking forward to your next video Rob!

Farnaz Rangraz says 3rd April 2014

Best video clip for my dears, teacher colleagues! Don't miss it!

Kristin Harrison says 3rd April 2014

Yes! We need more…awesome insight

Nicki Sharpe says 3rd April 2014

next installment please!

Vicki Mazur says 3rd April 2014

Positive praise done right…

Linda Peck-Thompson says 3rd April 2014

Rob, yes I reread your message and am having a "duh" moment right now. Thank you.

Rob Plevin says 3rd April 2014

Coming next

Linda Peck-Thompson says 3rd April 2014

Where is the video of the right way to deliver praise? This was great, but I'm left wondering how I can do it correctly.

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