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This ONE WORD Guarantees INSTANT Student Engagement


Would you like to know about a teaching strategy you can use at the start of ANY lesson to gain instant engagement and participation from all your students?

I can sum this strategy up in just ONE WORD. And when you apply this word at the start of your lesson you are virtually guaranteed to hook your students straight away, get them interested and increase buy-in for the rest of your lesson content.

You can use this at the start of ANY lesson and you can use it as often as you wish.

When you use this word, you can often have students BEGGING to hear what you’ve got to say next.

I believe this is the best, most reliable method for starting your lessons because when you get it right, ALL your students will respond to it.

So, do you want to know what this magic word is?

Maybe you’ve guessed already.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m sure you’re desperate to discover it.

That’s because I’ve used the very same technique here as an example of how effective it is.

The word is…


It’s true isn’t it? When your students are curious you don’t have to force them to be engaged, you don’t have to bribe them or demand that they take part.

By making them curious you effectively and naturally INVITE their attention.

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“Once something gets your curiosity it will open up a whole new world of other stuff you did not know about.”
Steve Jobs