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Why Is Praise So Powerful?


Here is a quick video which explains why praise is one of your most powerful classroom management strategies.  This video was filmed in 2010 but the strategies are evergreen.  If you enjoy it and would like to see more please leave a comment in the box below.

In this video you’ll learn how praise (when it is used correctly) connects with students on an emotional level and why it can change their attitudes, moods and behaviour in an INSTANT.

If you enjoyed this video and would like some GREAT ideas for using praise in the classroom together HUNDREDS of powerful classroom management strategies be sure to check this out.

Neville Tera Sucgang says 26th February 2016

How do i get a copy ? How do i Pay for it ? and how soon can i get it, I teach at an International School here in Bahrain.

Thank you

Mr. Neville

    rob says 26th February 2016

    Hi, the book comes out on sale on Monday – it will be on special offer for five days (Kindle version)

Simon says 15th October 2014

really enjoyed it. I really want to see more

TheSignofZorro says 23rd May 2014

Outstanding video testimony … I want to know more about how to give PRAISE efffectively, efficiently and skillfully … Thank you for sharing this awesome experience 🙂

Jones Linda says 4th April 2014

Wonderful testimony of how you overcame the struggles during a most difficult time and how praise can change lives and a classroom. Thank you. Ms. Jones

Robin Kirk Ashton says 4th April 2014

I'd love to hear how you do Praise the correct way. I hope I can see the next video!

Rob Plevin says 3rd April 2014


Michelle Berzinski says 3rd April 2014

Behaviour_Needs .. THANKS! Put it into practice today! Plus a couple of laughs to start the day. Best day ever!!!!

Behaviour_Needs says 2nd April 2014

No problem Ruth – thanks for your appreciation.

Behaviour_Needs says 2nd April 2014

Ok! 🙂

Behaviour_Needs says 2nd April 2014

Thanks Amiin

Behaviour_Needs says 2nd April 2014

More coming Nicola… 🙂

Behaviour_Needs says 2nd April 2014

That's good to hear Vicky – I hope to help as much as I can

Behaviour_Needs says 2nd April 2014

Thanks Gaylene. Hmmm, not sure we've cracked the time-space continuum yet but I'll keep you posted. We can certainly manage bite-sized videos though – stay tuned…

Behaviour_Needs says 2nd April 2014

Thanks Susan. You don't know the half of it!!! 🙂 But I can say with hand on heart I wouldn't change a thing – I am grateful for all the lessons.

Behaviour_Needs says 2nd April 2014

Thank you Michelle – very kind. I hope to keep providing you with useful content

Michelle Berzinski says 2nd April 2014

YES, please! Not sure I would still be in teaching if it wasn't for someone putting me onto your site. This latest strategy is THE ONE! Sounds right up my alley … prefer to be positive! Having been advised (?!?) to get up in student's faces and raise my voice(!?!?) So, I particularly love the way you said " I got bigger fish to fry" Made soooo much sense! Thank you. YES, please to more on praise. As has been said … God Bless

Gaylene Cramer says 2nd April 2014

As a new teacher what I'd really like is another 12 hours every day, thank you for always having really useful information in bite sized bits, keep it up, thanks

Vicky Ellaby says 2nd April 2014

thank you for your enthusiasm I have used your videos in teacher training sessions. keep up the great work

Yelena Druford says 1st April 2014

You are great keep going!!

Nicola Rathburn says 1st April 2014

Really interesting, thanks for posting. I'm never sure I get praise right it would be great to learn how to do it

Susan Huston says 1st April 2014

You have gone so much in the last few years. It's a wonder you're still standing. Thanks for sharing from you heart and for sincerely sharing techniques that work — not just in teaching, but in all aspects of life. God bless you and your family.

Ruth May says 1st April 2014

More, please! God bless you for doing this!

Amiin Yusuf says 1st April 2014

it is really useful and powerful technique

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