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Why positive relationships could be the most effective tool in your classroom

As a teacher, you inevitably wear many hats. In the morning you may be a nurse and a counsellor but come the afternoon you’ll find yourself as a makeshift police officer and even a step-in Mum. All of this leaves minimal time to actually be a teacher. But what is there was a way to make things simpler? What if you could eliminate a whole bunch of the issues within your classroom with one simple investment? I get it, your job is already endless and you don’t feel like you can give any more. But what if investing time to the relationships you hold with your pupils could actually help you to save time and much needed energy in the long run…


Building and maintaining strong and meaningful relationships with the pupils in your class will revolutionise your classroom and everyone who steps inside. Why? Well, here are my top 3 reasons;

  1. It makes your life easier! It’s as simple as that. Happiness is infectious and so are the fundamentals of good relationships. Firstly, begin by focusing on the positives (and by that I don’t just mean ‘pick your battles’!). If you see a pupil do a tiny good deed, praise them! If they get an answer correct, congratulate them! Fill their cup with positivity. It’s nice to be nice, and eventually, this positivity will either be reciprocated or will be craved.
  2. A good relationship with you = a good relationship with their peers. Maybe all those lunchtime squabbles happen because the pupils simply don’t know how to act differently? An easy solution – show them! Show them how to praise one another, show them how to initiate a conversation about their common interests, show them that you care so that they can show each other. Also, if they fit in better with their peers, they will be less likely to ‘act up’ to get attention.
  3. Knowing your students makes it easier to understand their triggers – the things that upset them and result in problems in class. If you actually take the time to really get to know your pupils, then you will get to understand what they do and don’t like. If you understand what your pupils don’t like then you can make according adjustments to their day. Of course, it would be impossible to please everyone, but trust me when I say that this is one to think about.

There we go – three reasons why building strong relationships with the children in your class is a solid investment. Devoting the time to really getting to know your pupils could be the key to your success in your classroom, any may even help you to take off some of those ‘hats’! If you’re wondering exactly how to get to know your pupils and have been intrigued by what you have read so far, then you will want to read my book ‘Classroom Management Success in 7 Days or Less’. 

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