Needs-Focused Book Titles

Packed with powerful, fast-acting behaviour management strategies for the classroom including a novel routine to get any group quiet in 15 seconds or less Take Control of the Noisy Class: From Chaos to Calm in 15 Seconds (Super-effective classroom management strategies for teachers in today s toughest classrooms) by Rob Plevin provides teachers with a highly effective, step-by-step plan for successfully managing challenging groups and students in today s toughest schools. Drawing on his experience working in both mainstream and special education, teacher-trainer Rob Plevin presents hundreds of proven, practical ideas and interventions to help you connect and succeed with defiant or reluctant learners. Relevant to teachers of all age groups, you ll find useable strategies for establishing classroom routines, gaining respect, making lessons engaging and creating a positive classroom environment as well as in-depth instruction on what Rob considers to be the number one secret to effective behaviour management .

Teaching is made easier when you have a fast-acting classroom management system that works. Rob Plevin believes any teacher can dramatically reduce classroom behaviour problems and achieve classroom management success by adopting this easy-to-follow 6-part plan adapted from his Needs-Focused approach to teaching & classroom management. Enhanced with a suite of additional downloadable resources & videos, Transform Your Classroom Management in 7 Days or Less provides teachers with a framework of fundamental preventive techniques and details a stepped process for responding to students who have difficulty following instructions. If you’re a teacher facing hard-to-reach, tough groups of students who talk over you and won’t do as you ask, the ideas in this book will help you put in place a simple system for gaining respect, building positive teacher-student bonds, dealing with incidents and creating a calm, responsive classroom. All in 7 days or less!

In line with Rob Plevin’s hugely popular "Needs-Focused Classroom Management System" for teachers, this book offers a huge range of ready-to-use activities, resources and ideas to start your lessons with a BANG and end them on a HIGH. Adaptable for any subject area, the ideas and suggestions in this book will enable you to capture students’ interest and attention from the outset, increase engagement and encourage participation among even the most reluctant learners. You’ll learn how to… - hook ALL your students from the moment your lesson begins, - set up exciting reviews to cement learning in a fun, memorable way, - minimise classroom management issues related to boredom and low engagement and turn your lessons into an enjoyable, positive learning experience for all concerned. Once you learn the Needs-Focused Classroom Management System, your classroom, your teaching and your students will be TRANSFORMED. Includes downloadable BONUS material and printable resources

The Active Learning Tool Kit makes it easier than ever for teachers to implement enjoyable cooperative and active learning methods that boost student engagement, participation and achievement.

In line with Rob Plevin’s hugely popular "Needs-Focused Classroom Management System" for teachers, this book is packed with hundreds of outrageously-engaging active learning strategies, cooperative activities and ready-to-use resources. Adaptable for all subjects and age groups, this teaching resource will enable you to: - provide exciting and interesting activities for working in pairs or small groups, – encourage students to support each other to improve their learning, - meet the needs of different learning styles, - help students learn appropriate skills for both collaborative work and independence, - turn your lessons into an enjoyable, positive learning experience for all concerned.The Active Learning Tool Kit is a practical and accessible guide to implementing active learning in the classroom in a way your students will love. Includes downloadable BONUS material and printable resources