Rob Plevin
Needs-Focused Teaching

Rob Plevin is the creator of Needs-Focused Teaching - a method which makes teaching easier and more effective by making student needs a priority in the classroom.

He has been sharing resources for teachers on Classroom Management & Student Engagement for 10 years following a 15-year career as a Special Education Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher.

His NOISY CLASS video is the highest ranking video on for the term 'classroom management'.


I'm Rob Plevin...
And as a new teacher in a comprehensive school I really struggled to maintain control in the classroom before finally discovering how certain key strategies would lead to an immediate improvement in the way challenging students responded to me. Using these principles as a foundation I went on to develop a complete system for preventing and dealing with behaviour problems and improving student motivation in the classroom. The ideas are easy to implement and work FAST. I've taught them to THOUSANDS of teachers all over the world.

"It doesn’t matter if you’re a new teacher or have been in the profession 30 years and it doesn’t matter what your problem is – if you are struggling with a particular student or a group of students the principles in Needs-Focused Teaching can help you. With Needs-Focused Teaching you’ll not only learn how to manage behaviour in the moment, you’ll also learn how to do so without causing resentment in your students.

In fact, I guarantee that if you use the approach as I suggest, your students will actually respect you more for managing their behaviour and your relationships with them will be radically improved. That means fewer problems in future and a much less stressful, more enjoyable classroom experience for all concerned. I've spent the last 10 years teaching these techniques and concepts to literally thousands of teachers and lecturers in schools and colleges all over the world and their comments should convince you that this system works."

Erin Rhone

I never saw 15 year olds move so fast to come back to order. No repeating myself, no prodding.

The application of your tips has been wonderful! The first time I explained to my students that I would count backwards from ten when I was ready for them to come back from their group work, it worked like magic. I never saw 15 years move so fast to come back to order. No repeating myself, no prodding. It seems like you know the practical answers to classroom needs. Thank you.

Jill Stocks

Kids deserve great teachers - you are helping that happen! Thank you.

Hi Rob, I am hooked--the webinars you offer are fantastic! I'm learning so much and don't want to miss anything. I've been talking to co-workers about your fabulous resources and share what I've learned so I'm hoping they join and get hooked, too. Kids deserve great teachers - you are helping that happen! Thank you

Dawn H

I have seen nothing short of miracles occur.

I have seen nothing short of miracles occur. My students’ attitudes and behaviours have improved; they are excited and personally involved in their educational experience! What more could I ask? I truly am a disciple!!!!!

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